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Tianjian ERP Xingfa innovation company case

Guangdong Xingfa Innovation Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a nationally famous large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of architectural aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles, and is the designated production base of aluminum alloy architectural profiles of the Ministry of construction. Its "Xingfa" brand aluminum materials have been used in more than 2300 large-scale key construction projects, including the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, the national power dispatching center, the Beijing

wealth center, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower in Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Shimao International Plaza, the office building of the Guangdong provincial government, and Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport

in line with the concept of "keeping pace with the times, exploring and innovating", we are committed to "making Xingfa aluminum products go global". The excellent quality makes Xingfa products win wide recognition in the market and sell well in more than 30 countries and regions nationwide and abroad. In 2002, Xingfa was rated as the "top ten aluminum enterprises in China" by China nonferrous metal processing industry association

as the witness of the development of China's aluminum profile industry, Xingfa innovation has gone through the storm of competition and created a brilliant industry. As the leader of China's aluminum profile industry in the new century, Xingfa has created a "Xingfa phenomenon" in the industry, which has blown a wind of interpretation of "Xingfa phenomenon"

the setback experience

as early as 2000, Xingfa has been the first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the industry. Like other enterprises in that year, based on the urgent need to solve the capital flow, logistics, information flow of enterprises and informatization in production, inventory, procurement, sales and other aspects, Xingfa chose foreign ERP, and it also needs to pay attention to the products in the live state. However, foreign software is not a panacea. After more than a year of on-site implementation by the implementation consulting company, it ended in failure

there are many reasons for the failure: the management and departments of the enterprise have just come into contact with ERP and do not understand ERP; The foundation of enterprise informatization is weak, and computers are new to employees; All departments are quite resistant to ERP, as if they have long predicted the results of ERP implementation, and are afraid of damaging their own interests and breaking their own coffers; The decision-making of the "top leaders" project is lack of strong implementation; The implementation and consulting services are not implemented properly, and various contradictions have not been truly resolved; The implementation personnel of the consulting company are unstable, and they are not integrated into a team with Xingfa personnel... Etc

Luo Sheng was a Xingfa personnel who participated in the implementation of ERP at that time. He accidentally found a Zou Gong who was familiar with and successfully implemented the foreign ERP software in another enterprise in the network. After the experience exchange of the 10 maxims President Xi told the youth, the two sides hit it off immediately. After being introduced to the senior management, Zou Gong successfully took the position of head of Xingfa computer information department. After a difficult period of implementation, ERP finally went online in Xingfa

Xingfa people are eager for knowledge management

after tasting the benefits of ERP, Xingfa people are not satisfied with the status quo. The gradual expansion of production scale has brought greater challenges to enterprises. Especially after Xingfa company has operated in accordance with international quality system standards for more than a year, Xingfa people are ready to demand office automation and knowledge management

in March 2002, Xingfa officially issued the iso9001:1994 quality management system document, and then issued the corresponding documents and gb/t system documents in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000. In the process of implementing the standard, the system document version is difficult to control, the use of document paper is huge, the management of quality record documents is very chaotic, a large number of manual documents need to be approved and signed step by step, and the lifting and moving beam makes the distance between the upper and lower platens about 20mm. These problems perplex Xingfa's system document executors. Speaking of document paper, a typical example is that the test report of the physical and chemical testing center requires 3000 A4 papers per month, and the design drawings of the design center are piled up, with more than 500 kinds of standard format documents for various records. It is conceivable that the number of documents used for circulation in Xingfa is very huge

in the process of development, Xingfa has formed its own set of subconscious corporate culture, accumulated and precipitated technology, experience, experience, and even all kinds of large and small information and other intangible assets circulating in the operation of the enterprise. Xingfa's publicity columns include managers' fields, contractors' fields, company activities and other contents, but these are published in the form of blackboard newspapers, which are fleeting and difficult to preserve; Xingfa publishes its own periodicals, but the speed of information release is slow, so it is difficult to be timely and accurate. Over the years, Xingfa has accumulated a lot of experience in the production process of testing, spraying, forging and pressing, which can not be found from the huge documents, let alone those personal technologies, experiences, experiences and summaries

with the development of market economy, building knowledge-based enterprises, international enterprises and competitive enterprises and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises have been understood and accepted by more and more operators, and positive efforts have been made for it. But how can we improve the core competitiveness and finally achieve the purpose of improving economic and social benefits? Xingfa's management realized that the most effective way is to strengthen the construction of enterprise informatization. As a manager, in addition to effectively using the human, material, financial and other resources he has and can control, he also needs to carry out a series of organized and conscious practical activities on the management object in order to achieve the expected purpose. However, all processes and links of the management of enterprise production and business activities cannot be separated from a set of effective management systems and workflow, and from the rapid and accurate transmission, processing and sharing of all kinds of information. In the activities of information transmission, processing and sharing, those intangible knowledge assets must be accumulated, precipitated and fully utilized

this time, the system selection is more cautious

"once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope". After the failure of ERP implementation, Xingfa was cautious and strict in choosing OA (office automation) and km (Knowledge Management) software manufacturers, and the preparation work can be said to be done enough

first of all, let's talk about preparations. Before selecting suppliers, Xingfa set up an information promotion group led by the deputy general manager and chief engineer, composed of ISO promotion group and leaders of various departments, to collect and classify internal documents and summarize their own needs and requirements

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