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Rongtian Technology: the case of Guangxi People's radio call center

as one of the most influential radio stations in the ASEAN Free Trade Area, Guangxi People's radio now has six sets of programs, which are transmitted at home and abroad through satellite, medium wave, short wave, FM and other means, and broadcast 118 hours a day, including satellite radio (910), 970 female anchor, private car 930, traffic radio 95.0music radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, covering Southeast Asia

live interaction is a significant feature of modern radio. The voice from the audience can often print the resonance of the audience. Therefore, it has become a powerful tool to increase the listening rate of radio stations. However, with the development of communication technology predicted by NPD DisplaySearch and the popularity of mobile users, the traditional simple ones are far from meeting the call needs of a large number of listeners. The combination of broadcasting and modern communication technology has become an irresistible trend. After strict screening and assessment, Guangxi People's radio station finally successfully introduced the call center system independently developed by Shenzhen Rongtian technology, Once again, the listening rate has been pushed to a high level

project features:

1. Simple deployment: only one device needs to be deployed in the computer room area to realize the full exchange and processing of traditional voice and IP voice

2. Flexible group: the live broadcast room does not need any transformation, and the voice can be directly sent to the live broadcast room using the original line

3. Comprehensive functions: Rongtian rt-eims3001 communication platform is a call center platform integrating IP PBX, IVR, ACD, CTI, VoIP, fax, recording and other functions. It can not only flexibly realize the remote VoIP group mode, but also facilitate enterprises to customize various personalized value-added services

4. Multiple open secondary development interfaces: the secondary development interface can fully meet the business needs of various types of users, and can perfectly realize the seamless combination of call center system and user business system

system group

group description

digital relay access, assign the access number to the IVR service number, different i-energy saving and new energy vehicle material VR correspond to different channel services, and one channel is assigned to one anchor and guide. In the figure above, the central control area is equivalent to the administrator, which can monitor and manage the seat functions (forced disassembly, forced insertion, monitoring, forced checkout;) Monitor the call status of the guide and host as well as the call queue status. The director and host all follow the IP network registration mode

1. The director logs in to the seat, the external line calls in, enters the process, the process goes to the guide queue, the guide seat answers, enters the information (after the information is entered, the host who logs in to the seat can also view it synchronously), filters, assigns priority, and transfers to the live broadcast queue for queuing. The host in the live broadcast room logs in and is always in the busy state. As long as the host is idle, the highest level will automatically connect to the host to make a call, and the customer information of the call will be directly displayed on the screen. Or the live broadcast host can manually pick up a queued one according to the customer information entered by the guide

2. Live audio and intercom audio are all configured with virtual OPR seats, that is, the whole process is in the off hook state, and you can talk when you turn in

3. The live audio line and intercom audio line need to be converted into RJ11 interface and connected to the two phones of the host

4. The system supports blacklist function

5. Both the seats in the guide area and the seats in the live broadcast area use the CCE interface to log in

function description

1. Access to

after dialing, the audience will directly send the call to rt-eims3001 through digital relay. Rt-eims3001 is a call center platform integrating IP PBX, IVR, ACD, CTI, VoIP, fax, recording and other functions. It can not only flexibly realize the remote VoIP group mode, but also facilitate enterprises to customize various personalized value-added services, such as automatic check-in, voice mailbox, conference, personal fax, etc, It can also provide users with an integrated communication platform of office and call center

2. Guide seat function

guide seat includes traffic control and information entry functions, and the operation interface is as follows:

traffic control: check in, check out, set idle, set busy, answer, hang up, keep/retrieve, consult/cancel consultation, two-way switch, transfer, tripartite meeting, transfer skill group, outbound call; The applet program developed by the JTAPI development kit based on the business support platform realizes the traffic functions required by the agents, and can interact with the page

advanced functions: check the status of agents in the same group, forcibly remove, forcibly insert, monitor, and forcibly check out

information entry: customer information, business information

3. Live broadcast agent function:

run a call center program on the live broadcast agent computer. After executing the program, the control interface is the same as the guide interface

traffic control: check in, check out, set idle, set busy, answer, hang up, hold/retrieve, consultation/cancel consultation, two-way switching, transfer, tripartite meeting, transfer to skill group, outbound call

system function list

extension function

automatic check-in, manual switchboard, call answering, designated answering, caller ID, extension direct dialing, tripartite conference, intelligent routing, manual routing, detour routing, local number query, number transformation, local query

delay, immediate, abbreviated dialing, no disturb, alarm clock service, call waiting, no answer transfer, unconditional transfer, unable to connect transfer, busy transfer Remote call forwarding

system billing

can provide detailed billing functions, query, count and export the call details of extensions, and also output detailed CDR records for use by third-party billing software

I have various answers to this question. Call center

provides a full set of multimedia call center solutions, supporting voice, message, SMS, email, fax, web call, web chart, video and other comprehensive acceptance modes, and supporting the distributed remote agent deployment mode. A large number of famous manufacturers at home and abroad provide a full set of intelligent dispatching and command system solutions, integrating traditional, IP and wireless intelligence, unified numbering management, unified command and dispatching, and advanced plan processing functions

software interface

can provide standard JTAPI and TSAPI interfaces, and can also flexibly customize various private interfaces to fully meet the requirements of seamless integration of user business systems

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