The case of Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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Case of Langchao Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lingrui") is a large national class II enterprise mainly engaged in the processing of traditional Chinese medicine. The company has nearly 100 products, domestic first-class modern production equipment and testing instruments, has established a computer management information system, and has independent drug research institutions. The company's comprehensive economic benefits entered the top 50 of the national traditional Chinese medicine industry, and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in October 2000. The company's assets reached more than 500 million yuan. In recent years, the company has been rated as "national advanced collective of traditional Chinese medicine system", "national excellent pharmaceutical enterprise", "national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction", "National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise". The Party committee of the company was rated as "national advanced grassroots advanced party organization" by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the trademark "Lingrui" was recognized as "China's well-known trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the promotion of the R & D, industrialization and utilization of graphene by more than 50 companies in the European Union

implementation effect

after the successful implementation of the system, the following results have been achieved

by assigning permissions, all departments can timely understand the required financial and business information, and can quickly find the required financial and business information directly through IE browser, so as to provide management basis for management decisions; The business of supply, warehouse and sales departments is coherent to realize information sharing; In order to adapt to the actual situation of Lingrui, we have carried out the necessary secondary development of the products around the needs of the sales evaluation system, and added special processing such as goods transfer and return, business transfer of salesperson, dead account of order, etc., so as to provide data sources for the evaluation system; Leaders can timely and comprehensively grasp the completion status of the sales plan from the aspects of department plan, product plan and salesman plan; The management, inquiry and control of customer files, customer reputation and salesperson reputation at any time have played a role of safe haven in reducing and avoiding the occurrence of dead and bad debts; The query of purchase payment plan provides an effective and accurate basis for company leaders to decide payment approval, thus accelerating the turnover of funds; After the single item management of warehouse materials is implemented, it can clearly query which batch of goods and which goods are sent to the region. In this way, the phenomenon of fleeing goods in different regions of the market can be controlled macroscopically, and the market chaos caused by the illegal operation of the salesperson of the company can be avoided, thus standardizing the market management of the company

because this project involves many departments of the enterprise, it needs a process to fully understand such a huge information management system, so many functions of the software have not been fully utilized at present, such as the management of the direct correlation between the speed of the salesman's inquiry right machine and the speed of the driver, the management of the customer's credit limit, the management of the supplier's credit limit, and the management of summary reports. With the gradual use of these functions, it will further promote the construction of enterprise management informatization and provide a more reliable basis for decision-making analysis

choose ERP

before implementing ERP, Lingrui's financial department used a famous financial software, the sales department used a set of sales accounting software developed by FoxPro, and the rest of the departments, such as procurement and inventory, used manual management. Due to the lack of connection between the financial system and the sales system, the manual management of some departments and other factors, the financial data and sales data, inventory data and sales data, financial data and purchase data, inventory data and purchase data are not shared. At the same time, the business process of each business Department of the company has unreasonable division of Invoicing business functions between departments. As a result, Lingrui company cannot grasp the actual situation of the company's business data in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, so that the company's leaders are difficult to guide and control the business management of each department, which seriously affects the company's leaders' business decisions

with the continuous development of business, the leaders of the company are more and more aware of informatization 6 The importance of PID self-adjusting management for special users. In order to select the appropriate ERP partner, they carefully investigated and analyzed the ERP software products at home and abroad. After investigating the typical users provided by several suppliers, they finally chose the ERP enterprise management software of Inspur soft sub industry. "Langlanglangtongruan" is a famous ERP manufacturer in China, and has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. It has successfully implemented such industry peers as Enwei pharmaceutical, Tonghua Dongbao pharmaceutical, Weihai Disha pharmaceutical, Qingdao Guofeng pharmaceutical, etc. Therefore, after consultation, Lingrui decided to use the sub industry ERP pharmaceutical version of Inspur Group General Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Inspur tongsoft") to improve enterprise business processes and realize the sharing of business data among various departments

clear module

since May 20, 2001, with the joint efforts of Lingrui company and Langchao tongsoft company, after five months of work, as of November 3, 2001, the implementation of the financial and logistics system of Lingrui company has been basically completed. Lingrui company uses Inspur soft ERP pharmaceutical industry edition, involving all modules except quality inspection and production. The financial software functions involved include: unit transaction accounting, personal transaction accounting, special accounting, department accounting; Special items, batch management, part number management, code table and user-defined columns in the logistics system 5 Active storage: all functions of the pharmaceutical industry version such as active storage of experimental data and experimental conditions

Lingrui company has formed a complete set of enterprise management methods while continuously improving its management mechanism after years of learning and exploring the economic market. In particular, a set of scientific and strict salesperson assessment mechanism has been formulated, which not only reduces the dead and bad debts of the company, maintains the orderly progress of its market, but also inspires the salesperson of the enterprise

payment collection assessment after an order is signed, the commodity can be assessed only after the payment of any commodity in the order is completed. During the assessment, the interest is calculated according to the specified payment collection period. When the payment is collected in advance, the business personnel should get the interest feedback of the early payment period. If the payment is delayed, the company will deduct the delayed interest from the salesperson's due Commission. The specific functions involved include: the calculation of minimum amount, price difference, business rate amount, risk rate amount, individual meeting expenses, payable amount, actual amount, etc

the return evaluation first stipulates the return period of its goods, then evaluates and calculates according to different proportions according to overdue return and non overdue return, new drugs and generic drugs, qualified and unqualified, and finally deducts various expenses and interests incurred by the company for the sale of returned goods according to the quantity of returned goods. With

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