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The case of consumers suing dufangqi for false publicity was rejected in the second instance

the case of consumers suing dufangqi for false publicity was rejected in the second instance

December 16, 2005

it was learned on December 15 that the Beijing first intermediate people's court made a final judgment on the case of Beijing consumer sun suing Germany dufangqi for false publicity. The Municipal First Intermediate People's court held that Germany dufangqi had nothing wrong with its product publicity, rejected sun's appeal and upheld the original judgment

in June this year, the consumer Mr. Sun purchased the new standard of German Dufang interior wall, which is represented by mefett (Beijing) paint Co., Ltd. from the market of Beijing Lvxin home furnishing Plaza. On the basis of the old standard, the paint is 1 liter and the special paint for radiators is 0.75 liter. The product manual and Chinese logo call the product "non-toxic and tasteless"

but Mr. Sun believed that paint products could not be called non-toxic, so he took the company to court. On September 22, Haidian District People's court ruled that the publicity of German dufangqi was not improper, and rejected all the plaintiff's claims

On October 8, Mr. Sun appealed to the first intermediate people's Court of Beijing. On November 25, the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's court heard the case in public and made a final judgment, determining what are the requirements for operators of the German Dufang paint product itself and the electronic universal testing machine after painting? The environment conforms to national standards, and there is no peculiar smell. There is no impact on the promotion of the main use of the product (4). The damage quality and corresponding data can be calculated and displayed automatically by the computer; The test results of all samples were improper after the experiment, so sun's appeal was rejected and the original judgment was upheld

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