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Wanxiang update, Chenglong sold 10678 units in May, a record high

Wanxiang update, Chenglong sold 10678 units in May, a record high

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the world will make way for those who work hard, and so will enterprises. After the sales volume exceeded 10000 in April, the production and sales of Dongfeng Liuqi commercial vehicles again exceeded 10000 in May 2020. In May, the sales volume reached 10678 units, and the output also entered the 10000 level. The monthly production and sales once again entered the 10000 unit club, further consolidating the position of Dongfeng Liuqi commercial vehicle as a leading brand in the medium and high-end market

in the first half of 2020, there are many obstacles in the bottleneck period of the development of the automotive industry. How can the liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine detect the rubber strength? Please see the introduction below. With the COVID-19 getting worse, Dongfeng Liuqi went against the market and achieved "double 10000" for two consecutive months, which is enough to see its excellence in the field of medium and high-end heavy trucks. If you want to understand the reasons behind this, you can get a glimpse from the precipitation of Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong's strength in the past, the diligence in the present, and the long-term vision for the future

years of deep cultivation, innovation driven system promotion, forging strong strength

Rome was not built in a day; A drop of water pierces a stone. It's not a day's work. The sales volume of Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong in May exceeded 10000 again, which is not only the full recognition of the market for Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong, but also the full proof that it has been firmly in the front row of the industry after becoming a member of the 10000 car club in April, but also the fruitful results of Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong's continuous innovation in marketing, products, services, technology and other aspects after 51 years of deep cultivation in the truck industry

the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. Marketing is the key factor to win users. For a long time, Dongfeng Liuqi commercial vehicle has adhered to the transformation of marketing innovation, which has provided strong support for seizing opportunities to achieve sales breakthroughs. For example, the transformation strategy of road vehicles has made Dongfeng Liuqi Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. available for slicing some rubber and leather materials, and the contribution of road vehicle sales has increased from 52% in 12 years to 79% in 20 years; Secondly, after Chenglong adhered to the regional focus strategy for a long time, the sales volume of plastics in the southern region and the northern key regions in 2020 showed that plastics have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and light weight; In addition, in terms of energy sales construction, Dongfeng Liuqi has introduced new networks to fill gaps and vulnerable areas, and flexible investment policies to attract powerful businesses to join; At the same time, we will support capable dealers to explore markets in different places and other means, so that the network coverage continues to improve. In the past three years, more than 200 networks have been introduced. The dealers in the past three years have contributed more than 40% of Liuqi's total sales in 2020, and the sales of single stores have increased by more than 20%

to win the market often lies in the operator's sharp grasp of the current of the times and the needs of customers. Since 2016, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong has had an insight into the development trend of the times and started the product platform strategy. At present, it has fully completed the new platform switching, forming a comprehensive layout of the new heavy, quasi heavy, medium and light product platforms, and covering traditional fuel oil, LNG, pure electric vehicles, fuel cells and other new energy products, which can not only meet the endless needs of users for cargo transportation, It also enables users to enjoy the dividends of the development of the times in time

for the automotive industry, perfect service is often neglected, but Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong continues to make efforts in service experience. After years of precipitation and development, at present, Chenglong brand has set up 865 service providers, 31 first-class parts agents in 31 provinces across the country, and 1222 parts in the country, including service providers. "Easy access to services and easy purchase of accessories" has been fully realized. For users, this undoubtedly greatly reduces the troubles in the process of using the car and improves the user experience

at the same time, on the science and technology avenue of the "five modernizations" trend, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong continues to surpass. Today, cltruck has firmly established its market position of "super lightweight", and has completed the market introduction of pure electric light trucks, sanitation vehicles and electric trucks in terms of electrification; In terms of smart link, the automatic driving test under the expressway scene has been completed in 2019, reaching the L4 level of smart driving, and the cltruck v+ car link has quickly iterated to version 3.0. In the future development path of "five modernizations", Dongfeng Liuqi will focus on customers, continue to improve customer value, and continue to lead the industry with innovative technology

based on the present, efficient production and lean management have achieved strong production capacity

after the Spring Festival in 2020, affected by the COVID-19, all walks of life across the country are basically at a standstill. Under the extremely difficult background of resumption of work and production, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong had only about 80 units per day when it resumed production on February 18. By 17:00 p.m. on May 30, Dongfeng Liuqi commercial vehicle officially announced that the 11000th complete vehicle produced per month in a single shift would be offline! This is not only another new record in the development history of Liuqi commercial vehicle, but also reflects its efficient management in product production

facing the difficult situation that 90% of the company's casting suppliers are in Hubei and Hubei suppliers are unable to return to work due to the COVID-19, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong has formulated solutions such as casting technology alternatives, vehicle coordination and transfer of existing parts and components resources, 3D printing and other new technologies to quickly print casting molds. In order to cope with the continuous hot situation of orders in the commercial vehicle market during the epidemic, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong took precautions and deployed in advance. All business sectors of production and manufacturing took the initiative to think about measures to improve quality and efficiency, such as the 10 day inventory reserve mechanism in the transit depot, the use of holiday early storage and frame outsourcing. This 2 Yield strength: some positive measures have been taken to promote the continuous rise of commercial vehicle production capacity

in the face of production difficulties, the reason why Chenglong can respond quickly and complete production tasks with quality and quantity is reflected in the efficient management of Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong in production. Through the introduction of excellent quality management system, "Riqing rigao", efficient and fast market quality response mechanism, Chenglong has built an efficient production management mechanism for many years, providing sufficient power for it to move against the wind

look forward to the future, conform to the long-term layout of the market, outline a clear vision

an enterprise with a long-term development plan will not stop its progress. Spanning 51 years of car making history, at the historical moment of opening a new chapter in the next 50 years, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong has injected surging power into the brand's new journey with the achievement of "more than 10000"

under the market economy, in order to win the recognition of target user groups, in addition to excellent product strength, brand is also becoming an important core competitiveness of enterprises. Based on its deep insight into the truck market, Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong will release the "new Chenglong" brand strategy on June 7, which will give Chenglong a richer connotation and outline a clearer prospect goal for Chenglong. Chenglong will systematically promote brand rejuvenation from the aspects of products, services, channels and so on

the production and sales volume both exceeded 10000, and the sales volume reached a record high for two consecutive months. It is a significant milestone in the development history of Chenglong. It not only marks the profound precipitation of Chenglong's 50 year history of car building, but also provides Chenglong with the confidence and power to sail directly to the sea for the next 50 years

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