The hottest Wanxun automation acquires two giants

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On March 30, Wanxun automatic control announced its wholly-owned acquisition of Shanghai Xiongfeng Automatic Control Co., Ltd. and its holding of Tianjin Yihuan Automatic Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. with 60% shares. The former is called the wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanxun automatic control

Shanghai Xiongfeng is a high-tech enterprise that is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in China. With 17 patented technologies, it is a large-scale professional manufacturer of field process instruments in China and a major member of the national level instrument industry association. The products of the company mainly include liquid level measurement and control instruments such as magnetic turnover column liquid level meter and magnetic floating ball switch, which are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, water treatment, pharmaceutical and other industries

Tianjin Yihuan is a national high-tech enterprise content introduction: it has independent import and export rights, obtained five patents, and has two computer software copyright registration certificates and a registered trademark. The main business is the research and development, production and sales of vortex flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, etc. the products have high technical content and competitiveness. The research and development of flow instruments strive to be in the forefront of the hardware introduction industry of the same pulse hydraulic fatigue testing machine, and can replace similar imported products abroad. Customers are distributed in petrochemical industry, light industry and papermaking, electric power and heating, machinery manufacturing and other industries

Wanxun's acquisition or holding of Shanghai Xiongfeng and Tianjin Yihuan will enhance the company's R & D, production and sales strength in level instrument products, and greatly increase the company's market share in level instrument products. When general equipment is used, there will be a lack of tight parts, as well as the overall competitiveness and profitability

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