The hottest sik points activity once again is comi

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Once again is here again

(click the picture to jump to the member center that makes the number of difficult hydraulic oil activities accurate)

- steps -

step 1:

click the above figure to enter the interface, click [task center]

market collaboration to further improve the modified plastic

step 2:

click [Sike 1688 one week store celebration is in progress], view the task reminder, click [accept], read the article to the bottom, click the upper right corner to share with friends or circles of friends, After sharing, the page shows that the sharing is successful, and you can enjoy member points

brother Dei! wait a moment! I haven't spoken yet

the 1st anniversary celebration of Sike ariwangpu is in full swing

time from August 3 to August 28

choose one of the two preferential benefits

the whole store discount is reduced by 1 point

the specified discount is reduced by 3 points


the limited products are as low as 4.70% off

- click here to enter the store - under the same conditions

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