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Sike launched the linear distance sensor OLM series

following the mature laser ranging sensor family, sick company recently launched the linear distance sensor OLM series. By scanning the bar code information on the fixed track, the linear sensor obtains the current position information, so as to quickly and accurately locate the different tracks of the straight line or curve. With the improvement of OL technology, this feature of M series provides more choices for the application of logistics industry

for typical applications such as elevated electric conveyor belts, rail shuttles, rotary discs and annular turntables, lifting systems and machine arms, reducing blind areas, such as precise positioning at corners, has become increasingly important to achieve multiple uses of one machine. OLM series provides the most ideal solution for this non-linear positioning. By scanning the bar code block with 3cm adjacent interval pasted on the track, the sensor obtains the current position with a resolution of up to 0.1mm. Basically, in order to simulate the impact action of the material under the real situation, it provides more than 1 ton of information, and provides PROFIBUS (olm200), RS422, RS485, SSI, and CANopen (olm100) and other data interfaces to input the information to the upper control system

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