The hottest silicon wafer continued to fall short

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Silicon wafer continued to fall short of demand, and profits increased steadily.

despite the recent noise in the semiconductor industry boom, the outlook for silicon wafer is still optimistic. It is expected that silicon wafer continued to fall short of demand is expected to continue for several years to produce the next generation of USB type-C connectors. The operating outlook of relevant industries is optimistic. However, due to the impact of the Sino US trade war and factors such as capacity expansion, the market is worried, The share price of silicon wafer began to reverse in early June, and now began to rebound

among the price rising stocks, the market is most optimistic about silicon wafers. In addition, metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) are also optimistic

the industry said that there were many coincidences at the time point of the rebound of silicon wafer stocks on the 31st. Therefore, the rebound channel appears relatively strong in the group of Taiwan Electronics Stocks. On the industrial side, it was only recently reported that Xinyue, an international silicon wafer manufacturer, was optimistic that the supply of silicon wafers would remain tight in the next two years, so it further raised its financial forecast, which encouraged the stock to rise sharply. The leading global crystal announced its third quarter financial report, and its profit performance was eye-catching

universal crystal announced its third quarter results on the 30th, including single quarter profit, single quarter earnings per share and cumulative profits in the first three quarters of this year. Each of the first three quarters accounted for a relatively small proportion, but the import volume rebounded significantly; Among them, the U.S. ranked No. 1 in terms of stock profits, all hitting record highs

the after tax net profit of globegroup in the third quarter was NT $3.631 billion, with an annual increase of 119.8%. The accumulated cost after the first three quarters was lower, and the net profit was NT $9.91 billion. Globegroup said that customers competed to book production capacity, pre collection surged in, and the export price of silicon wafers rose simultaneously, pushing up the performance growth in the third quarter, and the gross profit margin jumped to 39%, with a quarterly increase of 10.8 percentage points. In the third quarter of this year, the size revenue, gross profit, net profit per share, free cash flow and advance payment from clients of loaded indenters and bases all hit a record high

universal crystal said that the advance payment paid by customers was as high as NT $22billion, reflecting strong market demand, and there was no problem of repeated orders, which was conducive to the stability of operations

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