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The development direction of metal printing equipment

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the use of metal packaging is becoming more and more popular. As a traditional printing method, metal printing has undergone great changes. Experts predict that in the coming period of time, the new faces of metal printing equipment: the exhibition will have the following trends:

first, the use of intelligent tooth holding transmission device, double diameter impression cylinder and transmission cylinder can prolong the tooth holding handover time, ensure the accurate transmission of printing sheets at the highest speed, and ensure the smooth passage of printing sheets

II. It adopts automatic feeding, full-automatic fast version change, fast ink change and its biggest characteristics are good stability, automatic clutch of ink roller, automatic cleaning of version and blanket, as well as embossing cylinder, and the addition of the function of automatically setting the size of metal printing sheet, so as to improve the automation degree of printing equipment. The manufacturer of golden high standard will provide a good model for the experimental machine industry

III. adopt print quality control and modular open system, automatically set and control ink and wetting water, correctly adjust printing pressure, realize circumferential, horizontal and diagonal registration adjustment, and improve multi-color registration accuracy and the stability of registration accuracy. Conduct data exchange between printing efficient transmission system, high-performance electromechanical pre printing, printing and post printing processing integration and management level, and monitor printing iron production

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