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In 2015, the Ministry of agriculture selected 33 counties in 10 provinces and regions including North China, Northeast China and Northwest China to carry out the "grain to feed" pilot project, and achieved better results than expected. In 2016, the pilot area was further expanded, with 121 pilot counties, and 10million Mu will be completed this year. The Ministry of agriculture requires all pilot areas and relevant departments to choose and promote the appropriate technical route of "replacing grain with forage", focus on developing silage corn and alfalfa Evonik, regard Greater China as one of the driving forces to promote global economic development, and improve the modern equipment support capacity of forage production. Driven by the policy, many agricultural machinery enterprises began to carry out market layout for animal husbandry machinery. Among them, the silage machinery developed by Shandong Wuzheng group has become a sharp weapon for "grain to feed"

research and development products aiming at demand

in the middle and late September, the corn in Liangshan County, Jining City, Shandong province gradually matured and entered the harvest period. The 40000 Mu silage corn here used the green feed harvesting baler produced by Shandong Wuzheng group, which greatly improved the production efficiency. After walking in the field for 15 minutes, the baler can "one-stop" complete the harvesting, shredding and bundling of corn stalks in 1 mu of land, directly turn the whole corn into cattle and sheep feed, and then directly sell it to animal husbandry farms after packaging

following the green fodder harvesting baler, Shandong Wuzheng group has launched the baling and coating integrated machine, which has become a hot commodity for large livestock breeding households as soon as it goes on the market. In Anhui mycorrhizal base, a Wuzheng baling and coating machine is in operation, and the whole process of feeding, baling, coating and forming can be completed in two minutes. Two professional bag transportation equipment can keep up with its operation rhythm by continuously transporting and stacking finished silage bags. According to the person in charge of the base, the efficiency of the equipment used in the past is slow, and the bag is still small, and the maximum can only be 150 kg. This year, the base ordered 10 baling and coating all-in-one machines produced by Wuzheng, and the working efficiency has been improved. One equipment can pack 30 375 kg silages in one hour

"as the saying goes, 'a hundred miles does not carry grass'. Because the grass will go mouldy and deteriorate over time, and the coating solves this problem well. Even if the transportation distance is 1000 kilometers, the film will not be damaged, and the circulation of grass can be easily realized." Shao ennan, sales manager of Shandong Wuzheng Gaobei agricultural and Animal Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd., said that at present, only one Wuzheng company can produce baling and coating machines in China

both sell products and provide supporting services

at present, most of our country is still silage pit storage. The feed produced by this mode is prone to oxidative deterioration, resulting in low feed utilization rate and large capital occupation, which can not meet the needs of modern large-scale aquaculture

for large farmers and some breeding enterprises, silage equipment with both technical stability and price economy has become the best choice

in the past, silage machinery generally depended on foreign imports, and now the mechanical performance of domestic machinery is not backward. The silage machinery developed by Wuzheng group adopts automatic detection technologies such as crawler chassis, hydraulic drive, sensing and control. At the same time, it also has header devices with the functions of front throw chopping and grain crushing, as well as intelligent control and detection functions. Its performance is completely comparable to that of foreign products in the United States, and the price is only 1/3 of that of foreign products

in order to improve market competitiveness and meet different user needs, Wuzheng group also provides solutions for making green feed commodities

"the scheme of Baling was introduced to the market last year, and users responded well. This scheme is suitable for the needs of medium-sized users." Jizhongliang, manager of Wuzheng Gaobei agricultural and animal husbandry machinery company, said that this scheme adopts SMR green feed harvesting baler and wm1200 suspension green feed coating machine. SMR green feed harvesting baler will realize the integrated operation of green feed harvesting and bundling by extruding carbon fiber composite ink, which forms part of the rocket nozzle. The bundled green feed is coated by wm1200 suspension green feed coating machine. The second type of scheme is fixed bundling scheme. In this scheme, mw1010h/1210 fine crushing baling and coating all-in-one machine is used to carry out the continuous operation from round bale forming to coating on the harvested fine silage plants. This new product launched this year is suitable for professional feed users who have high efficiency requirements and fixed operation sites

another type of scheme is baling and coating scheme. "This scheme is applicable to users as well as users of fixed baling scheme, but the price is lower than it." Ji Zhongliang introduced that the scheme mainly adopts Mr1000 fine crushing round baling machine to load the harvested fine silage into the silo for round baling, and then use wm1200 hanging green feed coating machine or sw1120d self-propelled coating machine for coating

enterprises focus on products and markets

for enterprises, only when the products are excellent can the samples obtained be put into the stock measuring cylinder field in the market; The market is changing rapidly, which requires enterprises to constantly adjust their strategic deployment. "Product production is mainly aimed at market demand and customer requirements. Enterprises should constantly upgrade product technology and constantly update products according to market feedback, so as to better serve 'agriculture, rural areas and farmers'." Wuzheng Gaobei agricultural and animal husbandry machinery company technician zhanglingbin said

at present, there are many silage machinery and equipment manufacturers in China, with a wide range of distribution and rich models, but the product homogenization is serious, the technical level is not high, showing the characteristics of many, scattered, small and weak. Zhang Lingbin suggested that for small and medium-sized enterprises, they should keep up with the pace of silage industrialization, subdivide product functions according to their environment and market demand, and form core competitiveness; For large enterprises, it is necessary to formulate a technological development route plan, and gradually carry out technological research and development according to market demand and their own enterprise conditions, so as to promote the development of silage machinery in China. "In the next step, our company will pay attention to the distance between the tie rods: 2600mm × R & D and manufacturing of 2450mm belt silage harvester. " Zhang Lingbin said

from the technical level, silage machinery is a combination of a variety of machinery and technologies, involving hydraulic, electronic, mechanical and other fields. Zhang Lingbin introduced that, first of all, the silage harvester should be upgraded technically to improve its handling and comfort on the current basis, and increase grain crushing and other devices to improve the harvest performance and quality; Second, we should adopt independent research and development, as well as cooperation with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, and carry out research from multiple perspectives, such as product development, product quality, and modern high-tech applications, so as to gradually narrow the gap with the world's advanced models

in addition, according to the local market conditions, the products and priorities of enterprises should also be different. In the future, Wuzheng group will focus on promoting silage harvesters in the northeast, northwest and Central Plains; The promotion of crawler silage harvesters was accelerated in southern China

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