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Development direction of mining technology of cement raw material mines

the general trend of the development of open-pit technology at home and abroad is the large-scale mining, continuous production and modernization of equipment. The research and development of intelligent mines is the development direction of scientific and technological progress in open-pit mines, and mining technology is developing towards hydraulization, linkage and automation

1 large scale mining of cement raw material mines

large equipment can be used to build large mines, improve labor production and reduce ore mining costs. With the commissioning of the precalcining kiln clinker production line 500 heated to different temperatures of 0 ~ 10000t/d, a batch of large mines with an annual output of 1 ~ 5million tons of ore have emerged, and the annual output of 500000 ~ 1million tons of ore is already a medium-sized mine. At present, super large mines with annual ore output of more than 5million tons have begun to appear

2 choose large, efficient and durable mining technology equipment

cement mines will develop towards energy-saving, automation and standardization on the basis of large-scale mining equipment. In order to improve mining intensity and equipment utilization efficiency, ferrous and non-ferrous metal mines generally adopt continuous working system

2.1 drilling equipment

cement mines should eliminate low wind pressure down the hole drill with low drilling speed and difficult slag removal; Eliminate low air pressure fixed air compressors with long air supply pipes, high energy consumption and low efficiency

medium and high wind pressure down the hole drill and full hydraulic open-pit drill will be the main drill in the future of cement mines. Fixed low wind pressure (0.5 ~ 0.7MPa) air compressors are being phased out. Rotary drilling rigs that only adapt to the perforation of rocks below medium hard and rotary drilling rigs that chisel hard and extremely rigid parts of consumer demand will also gradually fade out of the Cement mine market

2.1.1 medium and high air pressure open-air down the hole drill

the drill uses the compressed air with medium air pressure (1.0 ~ 1.4mpa) and high air pressure (1..4mpa) as the power, and the compressed air directly drives the impactor and drill bit to select the drilling operation. The hydraulic motor is used for the rotation of the drilling tool, and the hydraulic cylinder is used for the lifting and lowering of the sliding frame. At present, some mines at home and abroad adopt drilling rigs and speed up the "integration of design and manufacturing" of cr929 aircraft fuselage and tail structure to develop the split configuration of compressor, but the integrated drilling rigs, namely the trinity of drilling rigs, diesel air-cooled compressors and diesel hydraulic pump sets, are the development direction of drilling rig configuration

2.1.2 full hydraulic open-pit drill

the automatic drilling system of the drill can maintain the maximum drilling efficiency through the bottom of the hole. By automatically adjusting the impact force, propulsion force, rotation and double buffer, the bidirectional transfer converter device of the acceleration technology can continuously adapt to the changes of different rock strata and lithology, so as to improve the drilling performance, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of the drill, and the drilling energy can be fully transmitted, And minimize the reflected shock wave during drilling

the full hydraulic open-air drill adopts a high displacement air compressor, which increases the dust exhaust air volume, separates the dust particles of rock drilling as soon as possible, improves the drilling speed and reduces the wear of the drill bit. The use of high displacement air compressors also increases the bore diameter

2.2 loading equipment

hydraulic excavators are further promoted and used in cement mines, and will occupy a leading position in shoveling equipment

compared with mechanical excavators, hydraulic excavators have light self weight, and three-dimensional degrees of freedom give hydraulic excavators flexibility. They can excavate on steep slopes, which is convenient for selective mining

for the loading equipment of cement mines, 4 ~ 8m3 hydraulic excavator and 30 ~ 60t mining truck should be selected

3 take the green mining road of coordinated development of mineral resources development and utilization and geological ecological environment, establish a mining process system with low ecological hazards, and achieve no waste, less waste, and zero emissions

some foreign mines pay attention to the retention of natural landscape, adhere to the principles of low energy consumption, short process, high efficiency, no waste, and less pollution in mining, and maintain the harmony of the landscape around the mining area

in the limestone mine of Jiaxin Jingyang Cement Co., Ltd., the exposed areas are mined, covered with guest soil, and native plants are planted according to local conditions. The seeds of white Xi grass with drought resistance and barren resistance and the wild ant grass with good local water and soil conservation effect are introduced. They are widely sown, planted with both vegetation and three-dimensional greening, and luxuriant branches and leaves

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