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Silian Group strives for innovation and development in the automation instrument industry

"China's automation instrument industry is a highly competitive industry and a completely market-oriented industry." Speaking of the automation industry, Xiang Xiaobo, chairman of China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd., said, "however, the fierce competition has forced out a Silian group full of innovative vitality."

innovative products: deepen advantages and expand share

"support one, but there are many means for an enterprise to develop and grow when the cold spot surface temperature reaches 0 ℃. For a high-tech industrial automation enterprise such as Silian group, whether it is independent innovation, joint venture cooperation, overseas mergers and acquisitions... It is inseparable from the deep scientific and technological strength." Said Xiang Xiaobo, chairman and general manager of Silian group

in the face of the adverse effects brought about by the international financial crisis, Silian group has strengthened its technological innovation, put forward the business philosophy of "order first, user first", timely adjusted its marketing strategy, deeply analyzed the specific conditions of different regions, industries and users, innovated the product structure and types, and developed a new marketable industrial automatic impact testing machine, which can operate normally only driven by electromechanical instruments, It has effectively consolidated its leading position in the domestic instrument and meter industry, and its sales revenue has increased rather than decreased

at present, Silian group has obtained a total of 126 valid patents, including 11 National 863 projects and 29 major provincial and ministerial science and technology projects. Its world-class product intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, the CCTV brilliant China documentary, has systematically publicized cases such as the green transformation and development of Zhenjiang industry, which has been listed in the 863 key technical support projects by the state. Through innovation, Silian group has the development ability of industrial automation instruments and meters, from the most high-end DSC control system to a full range of digital intelligent field instruments and precision instrument accessories such as transmitters, regulating valves, flow meters, level meters, etc., and the performance of all kinds of products has reached or approached the foreign advanced level

with excellent technical level and considerate service, Silian group has also achieved good results in opening up overseas markets. Various types of products have repeatedly won in international competition and are widely welcomed by the market. In 2009, the products entered the markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States, and Honeywell was designated as the global supplier of transmitter components

innovation field: green industry helps development

"our traditional market has been greatly impacted by the international financial crisis, and metallurgy, chemical industry and thermal power have declined significantly." Xiang Xiaobo said, "however, the crisis in the traditional market is also an opportunity for emerging industries. Encouraged by the national structural adjustment policy, industries such as sewage treatment, environmental protection desulfurization, low-temperature waste heat power generation, oil and gas recovery, LED lighting and so on have developed rapidly, bringing new development opportunities to Silian group."

it is reported that relying on its mature gem component production and processing technology, after acquiring Honeywell's Canadian sapphire production line, Silian group has carried out efficient technology transplantation and overcome many difficulties such as climatic environment and on-site environment, achieved the first crystal opening in Chongqing's new factory, and produced world-class large-size sapphire substrates; Breaking the monopoly of European and American enterprises, we should pay more attention to wiping off during the rainy season, successfully manufacturing the third-generation nuclear power AP1000 unit, the voltage stabilizer electric heater known as the "pacemaker" of nuclear power plants, and opening up the field of new energy; In cooperation with Japan Petroleum Corporation, one of the world's top 500 companies, etc., an oil and gas recovery unit with a recovery rate of more than 99% has been built in Chongqing to help the development of circular economy

Silian group also closely followed the development trend of world digital technology and completed the development of the first 1080i high-definition video decoding chip in China at the end of 2009. Now, they began to enter the automotive instrument industry again. In the R & D building, they saw that an automotive instrument for a new class B car of Chang'an Automobile (13.98, -0.01, -0.07%) was entering the final commissioning, and the first car of Lifan would also be equipped with the instrument of Silian. "Automotive instrumentation is a broad market, and it is also the next key development goal of Silian group." Ye duo, the chief expert of Silian group, said

innovative management: reduce costs and increase benefits

entering the factory building of Silian group, the windows are bright and clean, the workers are busy but not disorderly, the production activities are orderly, the production equipment is pasted with eye-catching tips and requirements, all products and parts are stacked neatly, and the sea blue ground is free of oil and waste commonly found in general factories

"standardized management is a necessary condition for producing excellent products." Xiang Xiaobo believes that "the more the market is depressed, the more enterprises need to practice their internal skills, spend more time and energy to improve the internal management level of the enterprise, innovate the management content, and seek benefits from management."

he said that according to the requirements of the modern enterprise system, Silian group optimized the management process from all levels and links of enterprise management, improved work efficiency, and achieved the goals of optimizing resource allocation, efficient asset operation, sensitive budget regulation, controllable financial risks, and significantly improving enterprise value; Promote ERP, lean production, six sigma, including marketing, material procurement, technology research and development, human resources as the main line of business process informatization and standardization; Continue to carry out mass activities of "cost reduction and efficiency increase" in the production, operation and management of enterprises, and strictly control the leakage in the production process; Strengthen contract review and implementation supervision, strengthen the recovery of payment for goods, and ensure the safety of funds

"through these management innovation activities, the internal quality of Silian group enterprises has been improved, the ability of self accumulation and self-development of enterprises has been enhanced, and the transformation of enterprise growth from factor driven to innovation driven has been effectively promoted." Xiang Xiaobo said

"enter the 10 billion group in 2012, strive to achieve 20 billion yuan in 2015, and the core industry ranks among the top five global automation instruments..." looking forward to the future, the Silian people are full of confidence. In their view, with the support of the spirit of "smashing the pot and selling iron, we should also engage in technological innovation", we will achieve leapfrog development

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