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Sibao Technology participated in the China Chemical Industry Park and Industry Development Forum

from May 21 to 22, the "2 and stricter restrictions on the media, situation and place of tobacco advertising" sponsored by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation was held in Chongqing. Li Shousheng, Secretary of the Party committee and executive vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pan Aihua, deputy director of the Department of raw material industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Yang Tianyi, vice chairman of the Chongqing CPPCC attended the meeting. Wang Youzhi, President of Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd., as an expert representative of China's silicone industry, was invited to participate in the forum and made a report on the development status of China's silicone industry at the sub forum of "new chemical materials". Nearly 500 representatives from major chemical parks and large petrochemical enterprises in China also attended the forum

2015 is the final year for the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, and also a key year for the formulation of the 13th five year plan. As China is about to enter the 13th five year plan, its economic development has shifted from focusing on speed growth to improving the quality and efficiency of development. It is particularly important for the traditional petrochemical industry to rely on strategic emerging industries and new chemical materials industry to realize the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure. The purpose of this forum is to explore the development direction of China's chemical industry and parks during the "13th five year plan" under economic transformation and structural adjustment. The forum is divided into three sub Forums: new chemical materials, green chemical parks, and chemical logistics for specific discussion and sharing. At the meeting, vice president Li Shousheng mainly introduced the development strategy and innovative development of China's petroleum and chemical industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, as well as the hope for the development of chemical industry parks during the 13th Five Year Plan period. President Shou Sheng mentioned that the park is an important feature of the current development of the global petrochemical industry, and it is also a major measure to promote China's petrochemical industry this year. With the efforts of the whole industry, the development of China's chemical industry parks has made remarkable achievements, and has become a prominent highlight of the transformation and development of the industry. It has played an important role in optimizing the industrial layout, improving the industrial concentration, improving the safety and environmental protection level of the industry, and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Pan Aihua, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, introduced the guiding opinions of the Ministry of industrialization and information technology on promoting the standardized development of chemical industry parks, and put forward requirements for the standardized development of chemical industry parks from eight aspects: scientific layout, strengthening project management, strengthening safety management, strict environmental protection, promoting quantitative and in-depth integration, improving supporting services, and strengthening organization and management. The "2015 top 20 China chemical industry parks" was also announced at the meeting

at the Forum on new chemical materials, the participating experts shared the development status and trends of new chemical materials such as polyurethane, modified plastics, 3D printing consumables, automotive resins, fluorine materials, etc. Wang Youzhi, President of Sibao technology, as an expert representative of China's silicone industry, made a report on the development status of China's silicone industry. Organosilicon material has become an indispensable new chemical material for national economic life because of its excellent high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and other properties. In 2013, China has become the world's largest producer of silicone monomers, accounting for more than 40% of the world's total production capacity. In 2014, China became a net exporter of primary polysiloxane for the first time. With the rapid development of China's economy, the world silicone will enter the Chinese era! During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China's silicone industry will pay close attention to industrial adjustment and upgrading, focus on the demand for silicone materials in China's strategic emerging industries and major special projects, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and focus on cultivating and developing silicone materials required by energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, high-end manufacturing, new energy and other industries. Strengthen technological innovation and promote industrial upgrading; Develop new materials and expand the application field of organosilicon materials; Accelerate the development of new organosilicon materials to replace petroleum based synthetic materials; Build China's silicone industry into an export-oriented industry with international competitiveness

as a leading enterprise in China's silicone sealant industry, Sibao technology will seize the development opportunities under the new normal of China's economy, take market demand as the guide, speed up the pace of independent innovation of enterprises through the combination of production, study and research, and actively expand the application of silicone materials in energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, new energy, rail transit and alternative petroleum based materials, Make great strides towards the goal of "building an international famous brand of silicone materials"

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