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Silent circle released the global "out of circle" call plan

ctiforum July 11 news (Yu Xin): silent circle, a private communication enterprise that provides revolutionary mobile device privacy solutions for enterprises and individuals, announced today that it will expand its out of circle call (OCC) encrypted hybrid call service, Enable silent circle members to make encrypted private voice calls with non silent circle users in 79 countries around the world through the company's silent phone service. The launch of global out of circle call service is a major challenge to the traditional mobile call mode that wireless operators charge high roaming fees for consumers and enterprise users. In contrast, the out of circle call service enables silent phone users to make high-definition video calls with standard mobile and public exchange users around the world. At the same time, in any place with cellular and wireless networks, the privacy, practicality and value of silent circle's global encrypted mobile communication will play a role, and silent phone users will benefit from it


silent circle today announced the expansion of out of circle call (OCC) encrypted hybrid call service, so that silent circle members can make encrypted private voice calls with non silent circle users in 79 countries around the world through the company's silent phone service

from now on, users who buy silent circle encrypted international call lunch sets will get a unique ten digit silent phone number, which enables them to make out of circle calls, and the call range will be significantly expanded to four to five times that of competitors such as Skype and Viber, which only provide non secure communication services. The charge for the encrypted call package outside the circle is as low as $12.95, including 100 minutes of unlimited calls between silent phone members worldwide and SMS messages between silent text members. Members can answer calls around the world through silent phone numbers, as well as 100 minutes of calls with non users in any coverage area. The upgrade package costs $19.95 for 250 minutes, $24.95 for 500 minutes and $39.95 for 1000 minutes. You can answer calls all over the world according to the caller's standard long-distance fee

mike janke, CEO of silent circle, said: silent circle's out of circle encrypted international call plan is a major progress in the field of global privacy encrypted communication services. Silent phone and silent text have unparalleled advantages. With the expansion of services, we will bring lower costs and greater flexibility to our members. In fact, compared with the traditional mobile call plan, the out of circle call service costs less and is more private, which can be used by everyone, whether your neighbors or multinational executives. The wider coverage area, coupled with the superior call quality and excellent built-in privacy functions of silent phone, further consolidated the leadership of silent circle in helping individuals and enterprises achieve global secure communications

vic Hyder, head of Revenue Department of silent circle, said: silent circle's out of circle call service directly challenges the traditional mobile operator model of charging high roaming fees. Roaming charges are a very important issue for our global corporate and government customers. International call fees and roaming fees account for a large part of the total expenditure of European and Latin American enterprises. Our encrypted international call service does not charge roaming fees at all, and the demand for Eco functional polyurethane products will increase significantly. At the same time, it can protect the privacy of members through silent phones

in the face of more and more crime, government, business and Internet privacy threats around the world, silent circle is changing the way of global communication. Silent circle members can use silent phone to realize high-quality private voice and video calls on IOS and Android devices, and can use the call service outside the circle to dial a fixed number to realize the encryption of communication between silent phone users' devices and silent circle's private network. Silent circle's desktop silent phone (silent phone unconditional maintenance e for desktop) provides more privacy video conferencing functions for windows laptop and desktop users. Silent text enables members to send private messages to each other, supports sending large capacity attachments of up to 100MB, and has the function of safely and automatically deleting sent messages and attachments from the sender's and receiver's devices within a set time

silent circle's unique intellectual property protection privacy communication application is also available on blackphone. Blackphone is the first smart phone in the world where privacy and control are directly controlled by users. The blackphone device was developed by SGP technologies, a Swiss joint venture between silent circle and Spanish developer geeksphone. The product was delivered to customers in June to support the privacy enhanced operating system privatos built on Android and provide a full set of privacy support applications including silent phone and silent text

about silent circle:

silent circle is a private communication service provider headquartered in Switzerland. 1: improper host installation: the main body installation is not level. Its revolutionary device to device platform can realize voice, video, SMS and file transmission encrypted communication services on mobile devices. The co founders of silent circle include Mike janke, a former seal team member and security expert, Phil Zimmermann, a world-renowned voice and data interconnection encryption software developer selected in the Internet Hall of fame in 2012, and Jon Callas, a full disk encryption software developer of apple and co-founder of PGP Corporation

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