Preliminary design of anti-theft monitoring system

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Preliminary design of oil well anti-theft monitoring system

oil system the initial security system of oil wells is usually completed through human patrol inspection and observation, and the security protection in the oil field is no exception. The security protection effect can also be achieved by adding security management personnel. However, for an enterprise such as oil field, increasing personnel means a large increase in costs on the one hand; On the other hand, people can't always adhere to principles like machines after all; At the same time, it is inconsistent with the spirit of streamlining enterprise staff and improving staff efficiency actively advocated by the state. Therefore, for the security system of modern oil fields such as oil fields, we should try to reduce the demand for personnel and replace civil air defense with technical defense. The large-scale development of modern oil fields and the diversification of functions put forward newer and higher requirements for the security system - safe and reliable, with a high level of automation and perfect functions

in enterprises such as oil fields, the use of modern television monitoring and anti-theft alarm systems is self-evident in helping to achieve the goals of safety monitoring, oil well management, fire prevention and anti-theft. The TV monitoring system in the oil field can realize real-time image monitoring of important monitoring objects

oil field is an important enterprise, which performs special functions. Compared with the security system of general buildings, the security system of oil field has its unique importance and particularity. In 2014, it is estimated that the market capacity of this field will be 1 PA composite materials can be used to replace 20000 tons of metal. Most oil fields, mines and other equipment are installed in the open environment in the wilderness. Which method is used? What kind of alarm equipment to maintain these equipment? This is indeed a difficult problem for the staff engaged in the research of security equipment. When we design this system, we strive to make the system design maintain good progressiveness, reliability, practicality and scalability

this system designs three levels of security system:

(1) external intrusion protection

external intrusion protection is to prevent irrelevant personnel from invading the oil well from the outside, for example, to prevent criminals from approaching oil production equipment and stealing crude oil from the oil well at night. Therefore, the purpose of this line of defense is to exclude criminals from the defense area. For example, by using the intrusion alarm system, when suspicious people approach the building, they can detect the intrusion event with the help of infrared radiation sensors and ground induction coils, send out alarm signals in time, or record the image information around the oil well in real time through the camera for real-time monitoring or as the basis for post inspection

(2) regional protection

if criminals break through the first line of defense and enter the oil well, the security system should provide the second level of protection: regional protection. The purpose of this level of protection is to detect whether someone has entered this area illegally. Here, the method of mobile detection intrusion alarm is adopted. If a moving object is detected in the protection area, an alarm message will be sent to the monitoring center, which will deal with it according to the situation

(3) the third line of defense for target protection is the protection of specific targets, such as the arrangement of equipment sensors, cameras and emergency alarm buttons on important equipment such as oil well equipment units and instruments, and the control and management of equipment in the well, which is the key protection measures after the failure of the first two defense measures

based on the careful study of the particularity of the oil field system and the requirements of the oil field, The security system is divided into the following phases. The company plans to build a plant in Mianyang for independent and closely related subsystems:

closed circuit television monitoring subsystem

anti theft alarm subsystem

equipment control subsystem (later consideration)

system design principles

oil field security system design follows the following principles:


the whole system selection is consistent with the trend of technological development, Ensure the progressiveness, technical life and the sustainability of later investment of the system at present and in the future


the whole security system is a relatively open system, with relatively standard interfaces between different products to meet the linkage needs of various systems

take national standards, international standards or international popular standards as the principle


for system and equipment selection, we do not blindly pursue its most advanced, but more importantly, consider its technological maturity; We must also take various measures to improve the reliability of the system so that it can play its functions continuously for a long time


the system shall meet the versatility and replaceability when expanding and replacing some equipment

centralized management

the whole system should implement the operation and function settings of all front-end equipment in the control center to ensure that the system is efficient, convenient and reliable


the system should focus on solving the main practical problems of the building, strive to be practical, make the operation as simple and intuitive as possible, and facilitate maintenance

the design of the oilfield real-time monitoring system fully considers the long-term field work of the monitoring equipment, especially the objective conditions of drought and little rain, serious wind and sand erosion and low winter temperature in northern China. Based on the principle of economy and practicality, imported components with strong stability and anti-interference are selected for hardware design and component selection. However, considering that there are many parameter monitoring items and the requirements are very accurate, we choose the acquisition module with high accuracy. Therefore, the system works stably and reliably for a long time. In terms of product installation and maintenance, try to make the installation fast and convenient, and the maintenance fast and accurate. Compared with similar products in the market, it has complete functions, low price and intuitive and concise operation

the most practical and effective solution:

1 Install a human microwave induction alarm device near the equipment that needs to be protected (such as the valve group at the well head of the pumping well, etc.) (monitor the wellhead and pumping equipment, etc.) and send signals when finding the situation; The alarm device has the function of preventing damage

2. By installing a high-power wireless transponder (oil field equipment is installed on the beam on the top of the pumping unit), the alarm signal sent by the human body microwave induction alarm device is modulated and sent back to the center; The wireless transponder has a built-in shutdown alarm detector to monitor the operation of the pumping unit

3. An ultrasonic detector is installed on the open-air oil pipeline. If someone attempts to drill holes in the oil pipeline to steal oil, a signal will be sent back to the center through a high-power wireless transponder

4. A non touch flow detector is installed at the outlet and inlet of the oil pipeline. When both signals are regularly transmitted back to the center, the deviation is calculated and compared, and an alarm will be given if it exceeds a certain proportion range

5. Install a power failure detector to monitor the normal operation of power transmission

6. Establish a 24-hour monitoring duty room (on the oil field

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