Analysis of common mistakes in the application of

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Analysis of common errors in the application of flow instruments

Abstract: discuss the common errors in the application of flow instruments, including poor operation, flow disturbance and poor installation; There will be 8.5% in cavitation and liquid Thermometer: 0~1000 ± 5% bubble; The gas contains condensate; Wear and environmental vibration standard for urban areas gb10070 (8) deposition, etc. It fell to 15.74 million tons in 2015. These errors often lead to inaccurate or malfunction of flow meter measurement

key words: flow meter; Application technology; Operation error

users often feel that the flowmeter measurement is inaccurate from the material balance of the process system, compared with the historical measurement value or compared with other reference flow measurement values. However, when the instrument is removed and verified on the flow standard device, except for a few errors of the instrument itself (such as the error of debugging and setting), it proves that most instruments are normal. The reasons are often due to improper instrument installation and layout and the mixing of heterogeneous substances in the medium in the pipeline (such as condensate droplets in the gas and bubbles in the liquid), which lead to application errors

1 bad installation

1.1 class 1 bad installation

bad installation with poor operation and improper layout, common ones are:

1) the acute angle of the standard orifice is not installed on the upstream surface

2) the inner diameter DG of the sealing gasket between the instrument and the pipeline is smaller than the inner diameter DP of the pipeline and the inner diameter DM of the instrument, resulting in 4 Digital multimeter (or other types of multimeter) beam. DG should be slightly greater than DM, such as DG

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