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Pre packaged products should be preferred when buying quick-frozen noodles and rice food

quick frozen noodles and rice food refers to the food made of flour, rice, cereals and other grains as the main raw materials, or with (single or multiple ingredients) meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, vegetables, fruit, sugar, oil, condiments and other fillings at the same time, through molding, raw (or cooked) and quick-frozen packaging. Common foods include frozen dumplings, glutinous rice balls, steamed buns, flower rolls, steamed buns, etc

consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing quick-frozen noodles and rice food:

the problems accumulated after the substantial increase in the use of plastic have become a global challenge.

first, choose large shopping malls and supermarkets with good reputation to buy food, and pay attention to whether supermarkets have the conditions for cold storage of quick-frozen noodles and rice food

second, choose well-known brands produced by large enterprises with high market share. For products with high brand awareness, we will 1 as before, through the production of safety responsibility, most of them are produced by powerful large enterprises, and their product quality is guaranteed

third, pre packaged products are preferred. Generally speaking, prepackaged products are healthier and safer than bulk products

fourth, pay attention to whether the product identification is standardized. The label of quick-frozen noodles and rice food should not only indicate the name of the food, the list of ingredients, the net content, the name and address of the manufacturer and distributor, the date mark and storage instructions, but also indicate that the quick-frozen and raw rice make it impossible for the laboratory machine to prepare or cook, as well as the percentage of the filling content in the net content and the eating method

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